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  • ​How many tournaments do we attend?
    We attend 2-4 tournaments and a playday in the Fall along with 3-5 in the summer. We like to have a couple local events through the year, but we do travel mostly up north to the Maryland and Pennsylvannia area to the more competitive tournaments. Each team may have a different travel schedule.
  • Do we have tryouts/make cuts?
    Yes, we will hold tryouts for our teams, which may include cuts. We will look to have one team per age group if numbers allow. We are looking to hold 18-22 players per team. If you are unable to make it to the tournaments, this may not be the team for you.
  • How is playing time determined?
    Every player will play in each game; however equal playing time is not guaranteed. Coming to practice is very important and if you have multiple absences, you may not get as much time as other players in the games. If teams advance in the advancing tournaments, all players may not have equal playing time.
  • What does the commitment look like for Cav Lax Elite club?
    We are a travel club team. Our mission is to develop young women into more skilled lacrosse players while teaching them how to be a good friend, teammate, and student. However, this club is not for those who have never played lacrosse before. We travel to compete and want to continue to grow in our lacrosse "IQ." In the fall, we have about 8-12 practices with 2-4 events. Practices for the summer will begin around middle of May as the high school or recreational leagues end. We will aim to practice 2x per week with 3-5 tournaments in the summer.
  • Where will practices be held?
    Practices will be held at St. Anne's Belfield School Lower Campus located at 799 Faulconer Dr, Charlottesville, VA 22903.
  • What if you are too young to play on the Cav Lax Elite travel team?
    The youngest travel team that we offer at the moment is 2030/31. There is also a rec league for K-4th grade girls. This is a great experience for someone just starting to play lacrosse or to continue to learn fundamentals. Our spring league goes from February-April with practice once a week and games/mini clinics on Sundays. We highly recommend this for all K-4th players.
  • What do I do if I cannot make practice/tournament?
    It is strongly encouraged to make all practices and tournaments. We cannot teach the big picture if we have girls missing each practice. If you do have a conflict, all coaches need to know so they can plan their practice accordingly. As soon as the tournament schedule is out, we need to know if you can attend.
  • Who will be coaching the teams?
    We have coaches for each team that are committed to each girl's personal growth as a lacrosse player and teammate. All of our coaches have some type of coaching/playing experience and can help your child grow in the game. Each team will get their coaching assignment when we establish the teams after tryouts.
  • Who is a Cav Lax Elite player?
    We are looking to create a positive, competitive atmosphere where we can develop lacrosse players with stick skills, knowledge of the fundamentals, and successful teamwork. We are looking for a young female athlete that is coachable, ready to work, wants to have fun, and be the best lacrosse player she can be. We have the knowledge not only to help your daughter grow as a lacrosse player, but help her learn how to be the best teammate she can. Many of our coaches played in college and have numerous lessons of how being a good teammate makes you and your team more successful. Being a good student is very important to us. Focusing on being in good academic standing is crucial to be a part of the club.
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